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  • Helicopter parts repair
  • Helicopter parts exchange
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engıne parts

  • We sell serviceable / OH parts which are cost-effective to help keep shop visit cost low. We provide PW and CFM56-7B and 3B engine parts which are certified back to OEM manual standards. We keep always in stock PN 340-000-814-0, 340-000-815-0, 1523M35P01, 2116M25P01, 1590M28G05, 1590M28G06


  • By utilizing the latest inventory management systems and demand modeling software, We processes orders daily, destined to more than many worldwide locations, most shipped within 24 hours. For example: Korry Switches, Battery and chargers, Static Inverters, Rotary Switches, ACME A320 Batteries, Connectors, Fastners and hardwares
  • We provide required aircraft components and equipments for ensuring your fleet reliability which include part availability and short lead times for fast delivery Repair /Exchange and Sales of components like IDG, pn:761574, 772292 Fuel Qty Ind. Pn:10080-0101 ADIRU, pn:HG1050AE09 , Wındows pn:141T4810-20


  • We serve to our customers through our contracted companies.
  • Engine Repair /OH for CFM56-3 AND 7
  • C-Check Services
  • Line Maintenance Services
  • Military Projects Tender Consultancy

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